Re-board is a rigid paperboard engineered with a unique fluted core that is lightweight yet exceptionally strong and durable. Plus, Re-board has an embedded moisture barrier that protects the core so the physical properties remain unchanged in humid conditions.


Re-board can be digitally printed and finished with a varnish to achieve stunning results. It can also be cut into any conceivable shape.


Being one of the most versatile board materials available in the market today Reboard uniquely responds to the market need for form and function, coupled with sustainability. Reboard is also fully recyclable through normal waste channels.


APC.Innovate can help you utilise this remarkable new product for structural retail merchandising displays, 3-dimensional promotional items, display stand furniture, standees, exhibition and event displays, or a pop-up retail store within a shopping mall or trade show.


100% recyclable


High-quality digital print

Silk screen

- Die cut or flatbed table cut




National distribution



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